Type II Anodizing Line

Type II Anodizing Line

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This like new anodize line was constructed in 2022, was installed and has barely been used. The site’s business plan has changed and this underutilized line is now available. Tanks on the line are all poly-pro, some with covers and multiples with robust exhaust hoods. This line would make a fantastic addition to an existing shop or an excellent manual starter line. Lots of extras available to make this a complete package with simplistic installation to get up to operation quickly. This line has been cleaned and sits at its original installation – site has agreed to dismantle, rig out and load trucks.

All power is 240v/3phase or 120v/1phase

1/ Aluminum Soak Cleaner 2x2x3'

2/ Rinse 2x2x3'

3/ Aluminum Etchant With Pump 2x2x3'

4/ Rinse 2x2x3'

5/ Deox With Pump 2x2x3'

6/ Rinse 2x2x3'

7/ Anodize Tank With Pump 2x3x3'

8/ Rinse 2x2x3'

9/ Black Dye 2x2x3'

10/ Rinse 2x2x3'

11/ NA Seal With Pump and Filter 2x2x3'

12/ Rinse 2x2x3'

Additional Equipment Included

500lb crane and hoist structure -Galifco Model GLCS-FS-500-10-48-12 crane

Ducting System- Stainless Steel

Catwalk -aprox 48' of stainless steel catwalk with fiberglass deck grid

Eye Wash Station- Uline

Anodize Racks- misc titanium racks

Spare Dye Tanks with shared heater 35gallon

Lab/Testing Equipment- Anode Thickness Meter / pH Meter / Titration Kit

Microboiler System 200k BTU

Chiller 5 ton

Rectifier 1000A/18V


Stock Number1253