EN Plating Line

EN Plating Line

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Rarely seen almost new electroless nickel plating line. This line is less than 18 months old and includes 28 well built poly tanks, robust exhaust hoods, heaters & temp controllers, boiler and exhaust fan. Tanks are of dimensions that would work well for multiple applications – keep it an electroless line or convert it to anodizing or electroplating with the addition of rectifiers and anode/cathode systems.

This line was built and installed adjacent to an existing electrolytic nickel line so that the 2 lines share a common catwalk – the older electrolytic nickel line tanks (27 in total) are ALSO INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE – THAT’S OVER 50 TANKS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF 1 MANUAL ELECTROLESS NICKEL LINE! Accessories for the electrolytic nickel line such as rectifiers and filters etc. can be purchased separately. Rarely do we see a package that includes so many like sized tanks especially with more than half of the tanks being less than 18 month old. This opportunity will not last long.

1/Electroclean With Interior Heating Coil and hood 23"x46"x42" 

2/Overflow Rinse With hood 23"x46"x42" 

3/Soak Clean With Interior Heating Coil and hood 29"x46"x42" 

4/Drag Rinse 25"x46"x42" 

5/Overflow Rinse 28"x46"x42" 

6/Alkaline Etch With hood 29"x46"x42" 

7/Drag Rinse 26"x46"x42" 

8/Overflow Rinse 27"x46"x42" 

9/Deoxidizer With hood 28"x46"x42" 

10/Drag Rinse With hood 26"x46"x42" 

11/Overflow Rinse With hood 26"x46"x42" 

12/Zincate With hood 26"x46"x42" 

13/Drag Rinse With hood 26"x46"x42" 

14/Overflow Rinse With hood 26"x46"x42" 

15/Zincate Strip With hood 27"x46"x42" 

16/Drag Rinse With hood 26"x46"x42" 

17/Overflow Rinse 26"x46"x42" 

18/Zincate 2 26"x46"x42" 

19/Drag Rinse 26"x46"x42" 

20/Overflow Rinse 30"x46"x42" 

21/Electroless Nickel With External Heat Exchanger, With hood and Penguin Pump 26"x46"x42"

22/Electroless Nickel W/ External Heat Exchanger, A hood and Penguin Pump 26"x46"x42"

23/Drag Rinse With a hood 18.5"x46"x42" 

24/Overflow Rinse 18.5"x46"x42" 

25/Drag Rinse 26"x46"x42" 

26/Overflow Rinse 26"x46"x42" 

27/Overflow Rinse 26"x46"x42" 

28/Hot DI Rinse With External Heat Exchanger and Penguin Pump 26"x46"x42" 

Hoist Single Rail 1000 lbs

Boiler Ajax 900-450BTU Water Natural Gas 480/3 pump

Exhaust Fan HEE 12,000 CFM

Temp Controllers Process Tech


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