2 Automatic Price-Walgren Type III Anodizing Lines


2 Automatic Price-Walgren Type III Anodizing Lines


2 automatic Price-Walgren Type III anodizing lines available. 

Nominal INTERNAL tank dimensions are 36”-42” DOT x 96” CDOT x 78” depth. 

  • Line “B” - (4) four stainless steel tanks and (12) twelve 1” thick polypro tanks; 16 tanks total
  • Line “A” – (11) eleven stainless steel tanks and (5) five 1” thick polypro tanks; 16 tanks total
  • Each line has (2) two 1,500 pound capacity webbing lift, laser positioned programmable hoists. Hoists feature rack tilt capability and manual as well as programmable control
  • Each line has (4) four, single station anodize tanks
  • Each anodize tank is supported by a 100V 4,000A water cooled Dynapower rectifier. Rectifiers were built in 2020 and have individual cooling tanks and pump systems. (4) four rectifiers are included with each line. Rectifiers have analog controls and additional lineside programmable remote controllers with SS casework.
  • Each anodize tank is supported by a Trantner Superchanger plate and frame heat exchanger with acid pump.
  • Each lines MCC cabinets are SS casework with updated controls, approximately 3 years old
  • Each line includes a powered rack shuttle cart which worked in conjunction with the rack queue (queue available separately) to load and unload line

Also available separately:

  • (1) One line MMI operator interface which controlled both line “A” and “B”, SS casework with PLC touchscreen for recipe selection and line control pagination
  • 16 station rack queue with 1,500 pound lift capacity programmable hoist. This rack queue staged and ordered production through the lines in conjunction with line program, moving loaded racks into shuttle carts to be delivered to the appropriate line and removing finished racks from returning shuttle carts. Queue stations contain full suite of proximity sensors and photo eyes.

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Note: Waste Treatment Equipment is No Longer Available.



Stock Number1163