Three (3) Automated Lines for Zinc-Nickel and Zinc-Item#330


Three (3) Automated Lines for Zinc-Nickel and Zinc-Item#330


(3) Automated Zinc-Nickel and Zinc lines The tanks are 86” long x 22” wide (some rinses are only 16” wide) x 43” deep. The machines are U-shaped, with a motorized carriage on the front (load-unload end), and a motorized shuttle tank at the far end. Each system has four (4) automated, overhead hoist systems Each line has (2) 3-station plating tanks, or a total of six (6) plating stations, with individual cell rectification. All but line #1 have PEC, air-cooled MACC rectifiers situated on the mezzanines above the lines (photos below). The lines are equipped with Mitsubishi PLC control systems. ALL lines are equipped with a multi-cell on-line drying system The space occupied by the lines (NOT including the operator catwalks on either side of the systems) is 21’ 2” wide x 48’ long x 16’6” tall. Plating tanks/solutions equipped with hard piped, large, Slim-Line horizontal disc filters Lines also equipped with additional filtration and chemical feed/replenishment systems for all solutions, all housed in spill containment pans. Each line has pre-packaged pumping stations for various wastewater streams.


Stock Number330