LARGE Railrider-Type Rack Plating Line- Item#233


LARGE Railrider-Type Rack Plating Line- Item#233


Fully automated, large rack line with 10′ 2″ tank length. Line underwent $1.6 million upgrade in 2017, completely new control package and many other new features. 2 double lift stainless steel railrider type hoists, 1 hoist has stainless steel maintenance platform, both hoists have automatic drip trays. 2 stainless steel on line rack drying cabinets. 25 tanks on line, 11 electrified plating tanks with 18 plating stations formerly used for copper plating and 4 plating stations used for tin plating (22 electrified plating stations total) 18 units of Warrender filter pumps, 3HP/ available separately 22 units Serfilco mag drive eductor pumps, 5 hp/ available separately 17 units make up/maintenance tanks, each with 2 titanium heaters and liquid level control /available separately Line has been professionally cleaned, dismantled and is ready to ship. (See Attached Line Layout)


Stock Number233